The town of 1,100 inhabitants is located on the west coast of Sardinia, in the Iglesiente. Located at the mouth of a deep gorge that widens towards the sea, the view of the bay is delimited to the north by Cape Capo Pecora and to the south by imposing cliffs. Buggerru was founded as a mining town, but today it is a tourist town thanks to the magnificent sea. Near the place is one of the wildest stretches of coastline on the island. High and steep, south of Buggerru is the bay of Cala Domestica, one of the most beautiful in Sardinia, sheltered at the foothills by a rocky fjord, guarded by a Spanish tower. The mined minerals, which were brought from Montecani, above Masua, were shipped on the small beach.

The coast up to Capo Pecora is flat and sandy, protected by high dunes. Dominating the harbor is the exit of the Henry Tunnel, which was once used by a steam locomotive transporting ore from nearby mines. Visiting today you can see how and where the miners worked and admire the various viewpoints with exceptional views of the sea and cliffs.

Nearby is the natural spectacle “Il Pan di Zucchero” (the sugar loaf). It is a particularly interesting rocky outcrop in the sea. The enormous piece of rock detached from Mount Nai, the chunk is 133 meters high and has two natural arches, one of which can be passed through a very impressive tunnel with a small boat.