Geremeas is a popular resort town of Quartu S. Elena and is on the east coast of the Gulf of Cagliari. You can reach the place by following the coastal road 17, which leads from the capital to Villasimius, for 18 km.

The bay of Geremeas, 3 km long, is one of the most beautiful on this coast. The crystal clear sea quickly reaches a certain depth and the sand is white and a bit coarse. The dunes that surround the beach are certainly noteworthy. On site there are bars, hotels, restaurants, shops and services. Very beautiful the sunsets over the sea with the sun slowly “hiding” behind Cagliari.

The river of the same name, the Riu Geremeas, flows into the sea of Geremeas, which during the winter season pours its water flow into the sea, which increases sharply, while in the summer it decreases sharply, forming a small pond behind the beach. Duck families often find themselves there. The river forms the boundary between the town of Quartu S. Elena and the Maracalagonis area.

In July 2006 an extraordinary event took place on Geremeas beach: for the first time a sea turtle, a Caretta Caretta, laid its eggs in the sand.