Excursions – Sardinia offers more than just the sea

Sardinia offers you more than just beaches und sea: via what is probably the most beautiful coastal road on the island, you can reach the village of Villasimius in about 1 hour from Cagliari, which has developed into a popular bathing resort with beautiful shops and beautiful sandy beaches in recent years. Following the coastal road in a north-easterly direction is Costa Rei with its well-known, kilometer-long sandy beaches.

Go shopping in Cagliari with your family! The capital of the island with its numerous, beautiful shops and cozy cafés is ideal for this. The Castello district, which dates back to the Middle Ages, and the large port area are also worth seeing. On the west side of the Gulf of Cagliari, about 60 minutes by car from Torre delle Stelle, near the beautiful town of Pula, is the Roman city of Nora, one of the most important archaeological destinations of a trip to Sardinia. South of Nora is the Is Molas golf course and the famous sandy beaches of Chia. A trip to the Marmilla area, located about halfway between Cagliari and Oristano, is also worthwhile. If you walk through the Giara di Gesturi plateau with the large cork oak forests and the adjacent marshes, you will surely come across the pretty wild horses that still live here in complete freedom. On the edge of the Marmilla lies the village of Barumini with the Nuraghe Su Nuraxi, one of the largest and probably most visited on the island. These structures, which only exist in Sardinia, were built by the Nuragic aborigines around the 15th century. before Christ erected Just 700 m from Barumini in the direction of Tuili is the amusement park “Sardinia in Miniature”, which is really worth a visit. All the important buildings and sights of Sardinia are reproduced in miniature on approx. 30,000 square meters. In this way you can get an overall historical and architectural picture of Sardinia without necessarily having traveled the entire island. Here’s another restaurant tip: take a trip to the area around Oliena and eat in the restaurant/hotel “Su Gologone”. You will surely like this rustic, well-kept restaurant with a menu typical of the country. The large complex, eight kilometers from Oliena and halfway to Dorgali, is characterized by excellent, local cuisine and a sophisticated Sardinian-style ambience. In the immediate vicinity is the famous mountain “Tiscali” with a prehistoric nuragic village, which is located in a huge, open-topped cave on the top of the mountain. Excursions there are organized by various providers.

Sardinia is a country rich in contrasts, varied and impressive, which will always offer you a new face. You can do all kinds of water sports off the coast of Sardinia, with surfing and sailing being particularly popular. But horseback riding and mountain biking are also becoming increasingly popular. Sardinia’s mountain world is a land of milk and honey for friends of canyoning, caving and climbing. You can climb the high sand dunes on the Costa Verde near Arbus, admire the granite sculptures carved by wind and water at Capo Testa or watch the numerous flamingos in the salt lakes around Cagliari.