Margine Rosso

Margine Rosso is a district of the municipality of Quartu S. Elena, accessible from the 554 ring road. It was created as a coastal residential area on the slopes of a hill near the town of Su Forti. It is an area of great scenic and naturalistic interest. Located at the crossroads of several roads leading to the main tourist resorts in the south-east of the island, Margine Rosso was chosen as the location for the Quartu Tourist Information Office.

Margine Rosso beach is the natural continuation of Poetto in Quartu. It is characterized by a golden-white sand, which is fine, warm and very soft to the touch. The crystal clear sea, whose colors range from bottle green to deep blue, has a flat shore, when the famous mistral wind blows it becomes even flatter and glistens due to the grains of quartzite in the sand. Behind the beach there are two campsites and numerous villas.