Villasimius has 3,500 inhabitants and is located in the province of Cagliari, it is one of the most popular areas of southern Sardinia thanks to the many tourist destinations. It stretches from the Sette Fratelli chain to the coast of Cape Capo Carbonara, famous for being the driest region in Italy.

To the west of Capo Carbonara cape are Campulongu beach and marina, while to the east are the Notteri salt lake and the Simius and Porto Giunco beaches. Villasimius also includes two islands: Isola dei Cavoli and Isola di Serpentara. The small-town center of Villasimius is about 1.5 km from Simius Beach.

The golf course of Villasimius ‘Tanca Golf’ is an 18-hole course over a length of 5,400 meters. The view is breathtaking, from the lawn of the golf course you can see Cala Giunco, Capo Carbonara and even a piece of Isola dei Cavoli island.

Villasimius has a true natural paradise, a marine reserve that covers a huge area of 9000 hectares. The goals of nature conservation go beyond the protection of nature conservation. In Villasimius all services are offered: boat trips, diving, snorkeling, fishing, boat rentals, guided tours, etc. In the area there are many hotels, bars, resorts, residences, campsites and bed and breakfasts.